Visit from Commander of the EU Battle Group HELBROC

Wednesday, 3.7.2019 | International Co-operation

Commander of the European Union battle group HELBROC, Brigadier General Georgios osmalis from the Armed Forces of the Hellenic Republic, visited the “South” Base and the training area “Borovac” where he attended the evaluation of the Serbian Armed Forces for the participation in this battle group.

During the visit, Brigadier General Bosmalis was assured of a high level of competence of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and he expressed his satisfaction with the level of training, zeal and motivation of the evaluated units’ members.
The battle group HELBROC is one of the battle groups of the European Union ready to be deployed in its operations and missions.
Initially, the HELBROC battle group was established by the Hellenic Republic as the leading nation, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus in 2007 and since then it was on alert to be engaged on several occasions.
The Republic of Serbia joined this battle group in 2016 by signing technical agreement with the participating states. The participation of the Serbian Armed Forces in the European Union battle groups confirms the orientation of Serbia towards sharing responsibilities when it comes to security in the region and beyond.
In the first half of 2020, five staff officers will be on alert for deployment together with a Military Police platoon and a team for civilian-military cooperation from the Serbian Armed Forces.

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