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Competition of Serbian Armed Forces Motor Vehicle Drivers

Wednesday, 18.4.2018 | Training

In the “Ribnica” barracks in Kraljevo and at the “Beranovac” Autodrome, the 2nd competition of drivers of motor vehicles of the Serbian Armed Forces, has been held today, attended by Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubiša Diković, and his associates.

The organizer of the competition was the Logistics Department of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, and 34 best drivers of the Serbian Armed Forces and four drives from NIS, the company with which SAF has long-term quality cooperation, measured their driver's skills.
– I am extremely pleased how you prepared yourself and how you arranged the competition ground. This must be a pattern how to approach fulfilling any task. Here can be seen good assessment, a lot of attention and serious preparations, General Diković said, giving recognition to all those who participated in the organization of the competition.
After talking with the competitors, the first man of the General Staff passed the track in the Defender with obstacles and saw firsthand that mastering it requires experience and knowledge.
The competition started yesterday, when participants from the Training battalion of the traffic service of the Logistics Training Centre were solving the test of knowledge of traffic regulations, while the drivers have demonstrated their practical skills, at the “Beranovac” Autodrome, today.
The competition was realized in two categories - driving motor vehicles FAP 1118 BS/AV and Land Rover Defender 110, with two groups of competitors.
FAP drivers had the task of reverse bay parking, demonstrating reversing  following a curved path and alternately moving forward and backward in straight and curved iline.
Competitors on Defenders had to pass a testing ground with improvised obstacles, a group of obstacles on a roundabout, reversing through horizontal and vertical obstacles of limited dimensions, but also in the field conditions to pass the path with obstacles in the open and in the wooded parts.
The best drivers received the diplomas for the first three places by categories, as well as the plaques for the first places won in both categories.
In the category of truck drivers of FAP 1118 BS/AV, the best result was scored by Private First Class Dejan Đurđević of the Logistics Training Centre, and in the category of drivers of the land rover Defender 110 the best was tenor Slobodan Milašinović, also of the Logistic Training Centre.
The aim of the competition is to observe the qualifications of driver for performing specific tasks, developing competitive spirit in units and selecting the Serbian Armed Forces team for participation in the International Driver Competition, which is to be held at the Beranovac Autodrome in a month time.
Today in the “Ribnica” barracks, a session of the Council for Safety of Military Traffic Participants was held, where the last year's safest drivers in the defence system were proclaimed - Master Sergeant Kočić Gabor from the Command for Deployment of the Banat Brigade, the Private First Class Ivan Blagojević from the 3rd Army Brigade and Božidar Ćirović from the “Belgrade” Military Construction Establishment.

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