Preparation of Pilots for Shooting at “Shabla” Training Grounds

Saturday, 8.6.2019 | Training

At the “Graf Ignatievo” airport in the vicinity of the Bulgarian town of Plovdiv, preparations are being made for the members of the Air Force and the Air Defense members of the Serbian Armed Forces for joint air targeting, which will be carried out with colleagues from the Bulgarian Armed Forces at the “Shabla” training grounds.

The flying of three MiG-29 aircraft from Serbia to Bulgaria was carried out, and the pilots from 101 Hunter Aviation Squadron of 204 Air Force Brigade, who will perform the shooting, were welcomed by the technical team and Bulgarian counterparts after landing at the airport “Graf Ignjatievo”.

Among the pilots was Major Goran Bulajić, who spoke about the significance of the forthcoming joint shooting, and said that it was about rocketing targets in the airspace above large water surfaces.

- At the “Shabla”training grounds, we will have the opportunity to test the knowledge that we have gained over the past years and establish which level we currently are - said Major Bulajić.

A part of the technical personnel of the Air Force and Air Defense, in charge of accepting aircraft upon landing at the airport and their preparation for rocketing targets is also at the airports “Graf Ignatievo”, and during the shooting, interceptor controllers will be present at the airport “Balchik”.

The MiG-29 aircraft pilots of 204 Air Force Brigade successfully performed the target rocketing in the airspace above the Black Sea in 2011 at the“Shabla” training grounds.

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