BARS 2019 Airborne Tactical Exercise begins

Wednesday, 30.10.2019 | Training
The Air Force and Air Defense pilots of the Serbian Armed Forces and their counterparts from the Russian Aerospace Forces launched the joint BARS 2019 Tactical Exercise.

Pilots of MiG-29 aircraft and Mi-8 mtv-5 helicopters with mixed crews are planned to carry out a series of flying activities by 2 November under the working title “Preparation and implementation of combat operations during the execution of tasks to prevent escalation of armed conflicts at the state border and implementation of search and rescue missions”.

Following the formation of Russian-Serbian mixed crews, the activities that follow are aimed at improving the commanders’ ability to manage the mixed crews units during the preparation and conduct of combat operations.
A group of pilots of the Serbian Armed Forces, led by the Commander of the 204th Air Force Brigade, Colonel Brane Krnjajić, was greeted at the “Privolzhsky” airport by the Chief of the 185th Center for the Preparation and Combat Deployment of Russian Aerospace Units, Colonel Alexey Rotko, who greeted colleagues from Serbia and pointed out that the name of the exercise best illustrates the cooperation and the relationship between the two Armed Forces. He added that he believed the mixed crews would display a high level of training during the exercise.
Prior to the flight activities, preliminary preparations were made with the crews of the aircraft, familiarization and checking of aviation techniques, and tactical situations of the exercise were elaborated. Crews were shown combat tasks and preparations were made for their implementation.

BARS 2019 is the fifth exercise in which Russian and Serbian pilots exchange experience and knowledge in the field of combat use of aircraft applying armaments of both Armed Forces.

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