A Sustainable and Continuous Logistics Support of the Serbian Armed Forces

Friday, 1.5.2020 | News
Since declaring a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Serbia in order to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19, in accordance with the order of the President of the Republic and the Commander-in-Chief and the decisions of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team, the Serbian Armed Forces have undertaken numerous tasks in order to create a safe environment and assist civil authorities.

The completion of tasks in hundreds of locations across the country has been a challenge involving a swift establishment of a logistics support system that would be sustainable and continuous and that would meet all the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces. The system had to provide support to the forces engaged in the suppression of Covid-19 and to create the conditions for units which perform regular tasks to maintain operational capabilities and protect the state, which was succeeded thanks to timely planning and good organization.

Health care in all units, supplying forces during the execution of tasks, maintaining good working order of equipment, providing accommodation for the forces engaged outside their home stations, providing support to teams from the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, are only a part of the tasks performed daily by the logistics units in the Serbian Armed Forces.

In support of the civilian authorities in suppressing and preventing the spread of COVID-19, the Serbian Armed Forces have provided and set up more than 5000 beds to accommodate patients in eight temporary hospitals since the introduction of a state of emergency. They have also provided accommodation in the Morović military facility and additionally equipped gerontology centres. More than 35.000 persons and 22.000 tons of various cargoes have been transported by more than 2.000 vehicles which covered approximately 800.000 kilometres while performing these tasks.

Sufficient amounts of protective equipment have been provided for members of the Serbian Armed Forces and workplaces and equipment have been disinfected on regular basis in order to prevent the spread of the virus among the military staff and to preserve the ability to accomplish tasks.

The Serbian Armed Forces remain ready and capable of carrying out all the tasks within the assigned missions and to protect the state and the citizens of Serbia even in the conditions of increased engagement in the control and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 infectious disease.

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