The Tour of the Unit Preparing To Participate in the UNIFIL Mission

Wednesday, 14.8.2019 | News

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has visited today members of the infantry company preparing to participate in the UNIFIL multinational operation in Lebanon at the Ratko Pavlović Ćićko barracks in Prokuplje.

According to the minister of defence, by participating in peacekeeping missions, the Serbian Armed Forces not only represents our country in the best way and receives praise from around the world, but every day it works on further development of its training capabilities and gathering and gaining new experiences.
- Every member of our peacekeeping mission is trained and equipped according to the world highest standards and can completely fulfil any task. In accordance with the policy of President Vučić's state leadership, the Serbian Armed Forces will make every effort to contribute to the military neutrality policy, but also to help anyone who needs help. The Serbian Armed Forces is an army of peace and wherever we are present there are law, order and peace. The peacekeeping missions in which the Serbian Armed Forces is involved help greatly to strengthening the authority and reputation of our country, but also significantly help us to accomplish our daily tasks and our first mission – the defence of the country, in the best possible way, minister Vulin said and told all members of the Serbian Armed Forces who participate in peacekeeping missions to return just as they left, only richer for an experience.
Commander of the company preparing to take part in the multinational operation in Lebanon, Major Milan Kuburić, emphasised that the training is being conducted according to the plan and completely and that the motivation of the personnel was at a very high level.
- The training is divided into three sections. The first section has already been completed before the formation of this temporary unit and it is the training of individual specialties – training of drivers of motor vehicles and combat vehicles, training of gunners on combat vehicles and training of paramedics within the squads in each platoon. During the first month, the focus will be on individual training and part of the collective training tasks for participation in multinational operations. The third training phase is the departure to the South base and the Borovac training ground, preparation for evaluation and conducting evaluation by the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff team, Major Kuburić said.
Squad commander, Sergeant Major Miloš Veličković, said that members of the company being trained to participate in the multinational operation in Lebanon would apply all the procedures and actions they had practised during the training and added that they would represent the Serbian Armed Forces and the Republic of Serbia with dignity and would justify the trust shown.
During the training they demonstrated work of the Tactical Operations Centre, a pedestrian patrol encountering an improvised device, a pedestrian patrol with the formation of a temporary checkpoint, as well as work at the observation post and work with optoelectronic and telecommunication means.
Today's visit was also attended by ArmyCommander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command, Major General Ilija Todorov, Chief of the Defence Minister’s Private Office, Brigadier General Siniša Kresović, and Commander of the Third Army Brigade, Brigadier General Slađan Stamenković.

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