Dog Training Centre Established in Niš

Thursday, 3.9.2020 | Stories from Units
Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, visited the Dog Training Centre in the "Knjaz Mihailo" barracks in Niš today, after the completion of organizational changes by which the Centre was formed as an independent unit of the Training Command.

During the visit, General Mojsilović gained insight into the capacities for accommodation, training and treatment of service dogs in the Center and saw the work organization and conditions in which members of the newly formed unit carry out tasks.

Expressing satisfaction that a unit that exclusively deals with the training of dog guides and service dogs for the defense system requirements will return to the Serbian Armed Forces, General Mojsilović pointed out that he expected officers and soldiers in the Dog Training Center to use their knowledge, experience and results in work and contribute to the establishment of the Center as a respectable unit in the country and abroad.

The dog training center is formed as an independent unit of battalion rank within the Training Command and its main task is training of service dog guides, dog training for various purposes and health care, breeding and reproduction of dogs. It is based in Niš and continues the tradition of the Dog Training Centre formed on October 21, 1957 and other units in this area that were engaged in the training of dog guides and breeding, training and veterinary protection of service dogs.

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