Stationary Camp of Students of the Basic Course for Non-commissioned Officers

Friday, 7.8.2020 | Training
At the military complex „Orešac“ , a stationary camp of students of the 15th class of the Basic Course for non-commissioned officers of the armored units is underway, who are being trained to command a tank crew and a mechanized unit.

As part of the stationary camp, preparatory and school shootings from IFV M80A weapons and school shootings from M84 tank weapons are performed.

Before going to the camp room, the participants successfully mastered the contents of the subject „Assets and Equipment“, where the emphasis was on knowledge, handling, and maintenance of weapons, combat vehicles, and devices.

Arms shooting of armored units is realized in the final part of the professional specialist training and represents a practical check of the success of the performed training, while future non-commissioned officers have the opportunity to practically see the firepower of combat vehicles. In addition to improving fire skills, the main goal is to prepare students to perform more complex fire and tactical actions and tasks, which await them during the final camp at the „Pasuljanske livade“ range.

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