Celebration of the Aviation Branch Day

Friday, 2.8.2019 | Culture and traditions

Day of the Aviation Branch was marked today with a military celebration at the military airfield “Colonel Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica.

Congratulating the holiday to the members of the branch, Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Air Defence Command Brigadier General Aleksandar Bjelić reminded of the most significant people and events that had marked the history of our aviation, pointing out that the members of the aviation branch celebrated this year’s holiday with much more optimism, having in mind the procurement of the aircraft and equipment which was in progress. According to him, this speaks of the confidence showed to the members of AF and AD, which should be justified by work, zeal and appropriate relation to the equipment.
In the continuation of the celebration held at Batajnica, deserving members received flight badges, rewards and scrolls of honour which was followed by march-past of the units and display of the equipment.
Today, General Bjelić and Commander of the 204th Air Brigade, Brigadier General Željko Bilić, in the presence of the members of the 204th Air Brigade, laid wreaths at the memorial “No One Said: I don’t want to” in the memorial park within the military airfield.
The Aviation Day is celebrated in memory of 2nd August 1893, when the Order of King Aleksandar Obrenović envisaged that each division should have aviation sections. Until 1941, that day was traditionally celebrated as the Patron’s Day of all the pilots and flight staff.

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