Visting the SAF Units in the Ground Safety Zone

Thursday, 28.11.2019 | News
The Serbian Armed Forces fully controls the entire territory of our country and guarantees the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our homeland. No separatist provocations, no political provocations can in any way threaten peace, stability, safety, security and our way of life – minister of defence Aleksandar Vulin said, as he has visited members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the Ground Safety Zone at the ‘Kadrova čuka’ base, ‘Gornji Vrtogoš’ occupied facility, and ‘Vrtogos’ shooting complex, with chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović and Army Commander Lieutenant Colonel Milosav Simović, today.
- For every citizen of our country, the Serbian Armed Forces provides peace, regardless of whether it is Novi Sad or Preševo, and every citizen of our country can be sure that all their rights, honour, property and freedom will be guaranteed to them – minister Vulin emphasised.
Ideas about creating a Greater Albania and changing the borders of the Republic of Serbia are ideas that can set the whole Balkans on fire, Minister Vulin said, adding that such ideas cannot pass in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
- The Serbian Armed Forces, with its readiness, qualifications and engagement, is the most important guarantor of peace in the entire Balkans. The Serbian Armed Forces fully controls the situation in the Ground Safety Zone. All our members are healthy, equipped, motivated, secure and each of them is a guarantee that peace will last for a long time here. The stronger the Serbian Armed Forces, the longer and more stable the peace – minister Vulin said.
Commander of the 4th Army Brigade, Brigadier General Slobodan Stopa, said that members of that brigade are securing the 117-kilometre-long Ground Safety Zone in the South sector in all weather conditions, all year round.
- The current situation in the Ground Safety Zone is calm. Cooperation with KFOR is at a very high level. We have no problems, and the minister of defence, the chief of General Staff and the Army commander have seen firsthand today that the members of the 4th Brigade were fully trained to carry out all the assigned tasks in the Ground Safety Zone – General Stopa said.
The situation in the ‘Kadrova čuka’ base was reported to the minister by the base commander Major Dragan Krstić, while the personnel at the base demonstrated the work of the security body. Major Bojan Stojanović from the 4th Brigade explained that the main task was to prevent crossing of the administrative line outside the planned locations and controls of the Ground Safety Zone. He pointed out that state-of-the-art weapons were used to complete the tasks, as well as reconnaissance and surveillance equipment, day and night, all in accordance with the rules of engagement in the Ground Safety Zone.
During his visit to the Vrtogoš Shooting Complex, the Minister was briefed on the accomplished tasks in the construction and equipping of the shooting range by the commander of the Multinational Operations and Pre-Deployment Training Centre, Lieutenant Colonel Branislav Stevanović.
Lieutenant Filip Vuković spoke about the condition and tasks of the Gornji Vrtogoš occupied facility.

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