Exercise Fire Jump 2018 of Mixed Artillery Brigade

Monday, 4.6.2018 | Training

Members of the 1st Gun-howitzer Battalion of the Mixed Artillery Brigade from Niš conducted final live firing within the tactical exercise Fire Jump 2018 at Pasuljanske Livade Combined Arms Training Ground.

This was to conclude their several days long mobile camping which started on 28th May, when they left the Mija Stanimirović Barracks.

The mobile camping took place in the direction of Niš–Aleksinac–Rtanj – Pasuljanske livade combined service training ground. Several tactical drills were conducted in the vicinity of Niš and Aleksinac. The artillerymen practised assuming elements of combat disposition, emplacement, moving from one position to the other, while members of the 69th logistics battalion timely and regularly provided food, water supply, health care and technical support.
During their stay at Pasuljanske livade Combined Arms Training Ground members of the 1st Gun-howitzer Battalion conducted within field tactical exercise a great number of training and test battery firings and fired hundreds of missiles – they shot from 20 mm insert tube. In the conclusion of the Fire Jump Exercise, a tactical exercise with live artillery firing from 152 mm howitzers and 130 mm guns was performed.
This year, it was for the fourth time in a row, within mobile camping, that the training of standing and reserve components was integrated, and the standing component was supplemented by reserve officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers. The unit included the Military Academy cadets of final year – the artillery module
– It proved to be extremely effective and successful. We achieved several results. First, we train our commands in operation and commanding units on the ground. We then train our active component together with the reserve component and, third, we prepare cadets of the final years for initial duties, so that when they finish the Academy, they can successfully command their units – Commander of the Mixed Artillery Brigade, Colonel Zvonko Stojković said.
After the completion of the artillery live firings, nine of them, Colonel Stojković said:
– I am satisfied with the results achieved and the success of the firing on the targets, because most of the firings were rated with an excellent mark. The best performed was divisional firing, where the mark is high – 4.60.
The brigade commander emphasized that the practice of carrying out mobile camping with active and reserve components and cadets should continue, because it gives very good results. Thanks to that, Fire Jump has become a recognisable activity in the Armed Forces, and the Mixed Artillery Brigade is known for it. 
– I especially wish to commend the reserve component. They were extremely valuable and diligent during the mobile camping. Everything we asked and demanded from them, they fulfilled to the end and they learned a lot. They also expressed satisfaction with the unit to which they came, and this was also seen in the results they showed during the firing – they were top-level – Colonel Stojković stressed.
The final exercise was monitored by the representatives of the Army Command and the reserve military officers of the municipal Military reserve officer organization Aleksinac.

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