Celebrating the Anniversary of the Serbian-Turkish War

Thursday, 11.7.2019 | Culture and traditions
The anniversary of the Serbian-Turkish War was marked today at the Houses of the Guards at the Topčider barracks in Belgrade by an exhibition of graphics about the Serbian-Turkish War, the lecture “In the whirlpool of the interests of the Big Powers” by historian Milić Petrović and folklore performance of cultural and artistic associations of Serbian youth from Romania and the Republic of Croatia.
The organizers of the event are the “Stara Raška” Humanitarian Organization, the Human Resources Department of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Serbian Army Guards.

The exhibition dedicated to the Serbian-Turkish War includes 34 original graphics from the period between 1876 and 1878, purchased from the Museum of Paris by the “Stara Raška” Organization and donated to the Guards of the Serbian Armed Forces.
Within the framework of today’s activities, members of cultural and artistic associations talked with the Guards Commander, Major General Milomir Todorovićwho introduced this unit of our Armed Forces to them. The guests also had the opportunity to visit the Memorial Room of the Guards of the Serbian Armed Forces and the chapel.

The “Stara Raška” humanitarian organization from Belgrade has been cooperating with the Serbian Armed Forces for several years in the field of preserving the tradition of the Serbian people. The event is organized today in honor of all the Serbian soldiers who were killed in the Serbian-Turkish wars.

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