The Order Will Be Executed

Saturday, 5.8.2017 | News

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by AF and AD Commander Major General Ranko Živak, attended an unannounced combat readiness control of AD systems of AF and AD SAF.

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by AF and AD Commander Major General Ranko Živak, attended an unannounced combat readiness control of AD systems of AF and AD SAF, in the barracks “Jugovićevo“ in Novi Sad.

This was an unannounced visit and check of permanently engaged forces for the control and protection of the air space of the Republic of Serbia, one of the batteries of the 240th AF and AD self-propelled rocket battalion. On that occasion, the minister of defence observed on a firing post, the transition of a unit into the highest level of readiness for the execution of air defence operation.

Minister Vulin pointed out that within regular activities, our Armed Forces daily, 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year secure our air space, and it was the same case on that day.

- Today no unannounced overflights, no planes, no helicopters, nothing that would endanger our airspace was spotted, and even if it was, it would be located and shot down. No fighter, no helicopter from our neighbourhood could threaten our territory. The order of the Supreme Commander Aleksandar Vučić will be executed. “The Storm” will never happen again wherever Serbs live – Minister Vulin underlined.

Following the visit, the minister of defence assessed that he was quite pleased with the state on sight, adding that the materiel was fully operational, the manning was in line with relevant regulations, and that personnel was prepared.

- Today, they effected the emplacement of the post and were ready to engage in just 9 minutes within maximum 15 minute timeframe. I am rather pleased, but we by no means have to work on the betterment of their conditions. We have to assist people so that they are better accommodated, so that they work in better conditions because they spend here a significant length of time and that is why we will do all to make improvements in very short period of time – Minister Vulin concluded.

According to General Živak, the control and protection of the air space sovereignty was the most important key task that is permanent in character and of utmost strategic significance in peace, which means that in each moment there are people and equipment allocated and ready to react to each violation of sovereignty of air space or in case of jeopardising the safety of citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

- The forces and assets that you have seen today on this post are but one of the posts. The base of that system consists of our radar systems which together with competent flight control vigilantly monitor what happens in our air space and our environment and they make sure that all announced and reported flights are conducted in line with the regulations. In case of divergence from such announced flights or threats to security, AD forces are engaged, and apart from the forces that you have seen today, there are also fighter aviation forces, which are primarily tasked to intercept such targets and identify them and on the basis of that to assess further activities and the degree of threat – General Živak stressed.

Speaking about on duty forces, AF and AD Commander underlined that those are fully manned forces, with fully operational equipment and competent personnel.

- These two processes, the maintenance of the equipment and training are the foundation of each capability, and today, during this visit to the personnel and the unannounced control, we were assured that those are the forces capable of reacting within envisaged time and of completing their assigned peacetime missions - General Živak concluded.

Minister Vulin visited this morning the forces at the airport “Batajnica” where he was convinced of their readiness.

State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Aleksandar Živković, Head of Department for Intelligence and Reconnaissance Affairs Brigadier General Ilija Todorov, and Acting Commander of the 250th AD Rocked Brigade Colonel Milan Popović also participated in today’s visit.

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