Defence Minister Visits SAF Units in Bačka Topola

Tuesday, 5.2.2019 | Training

The Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin and the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović have visited today members of the Serbian Armed Forces in "Bačka" barracks in Bačka Topola.

All the members of the Serbian Armed Forces show a very high level of training and a very high level of readiness to execute any task. Morale of the units is at a very high level as well, and that is something that we are quite glad about and proud of – Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin said, who, accompanied by the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović and the Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, observed the training of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the barracks “Bačka” in Bačka Topola.
In these restless and uncertain times - the minister of defence underlined – a strong, developed and satisfied Serbian Armed Forces is the best guarantor that we will be free and that we will continue making our own decisions.
According to Commander of the 17th Mechanised Battalion and Commander of Bačka Topola garrison, Major Rade Adamović, today, in the barracks “Bačka” they demonstrated a part of organic arms and military equipment of the units stationed in Bačka Topola.
– We presented a segment of training of the garrison units, and I would particularly single out the training of fighting armoured vehicle POLO M83, howitzer SH 122 training, training of mortar platoon and the mechanised platoon training. Apart from the regular training conducted by the units from the garrison, today, we demonstrated a part of arms and equipment used in the Ground Safety Zone for securing the administrative line – Major Adamović highlighted.
Following the information about the state in the units, the minister of defence had an opportunity to see a static display of infantry weapons and masking equipment, and the actions and procedures when the command “make ready!” is given to a self-propelled anti-armour rocket launcher M-83.
Professional members of the 1st Army Brigade demonstrated a segment of training on a self-propelled howitzer 122mm, while a mortar 120mm platoon demonstrated getting in a fire position.

The mechanised units demonstrated the actions and procedures of a mechanised platoon on aa infantry fighting vehicle M80A and launching a bridge from an armoured vehicle-launched bridge and the passing of a mechanised platoon over the bridge.

Minister Vulin toured the seminar rooms where he had an opportunity to see operators’ training on a simulator.
During today’s visit to the barracks “Bačka”, Minister Vulin visited the premise for Orthodox and Roman Catholic religious services in the barracks “Bačka”.
The Head of the Operations Department, Major General Želimir Glišović and the Commander of the 1st Army Brigade, Colonel Zoran Nasković accompanied the Minister of Defence during the visit.

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