Minister Aleksandar Vulin Visited 28th Mechanized Battalion

Wednesday, 19.9.2018 | News

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin have visited today the training of members of the 28th mechanized battalion, newly built facilities, and religious service premises in the barracks in Novi Pazar.

Minister Vulin: Care for people and training are the characteristics of a successful army

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by Major General Želimir Glišović, Deputy Army Commander, and Brigadier General Željko Kuzmanović, Commander of the 2nd Army Brigade have visited today the training of members of the 28th Mechanized Battalion, newly built facilities for the accommodation of fighting vehicles, and religious service premises in the “Rifat Burdžević Tršo” barracks in Novi Pazar.
At the beginning of the visit, Brigadier General Željko Kuzmanović Commander of the 2nd Brigade, and Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandar Zdravković informed Minister Vulin about the tasks and the reached level of operational capabilities of the unit.
As the Defence Minister pointed out, the 2nd Army Brigade is a brigade that takes care of personnel, training, as training and care for people is what distinguishes successful army from the unsuccessful one.
– We will pay more attention to training, both for active members and the reserves of the Serbian Armed Forces, which is part of the need to defend our country together, all of us to be ready for the defence of the country, but also to be ready to save the country in the events of natural disasters, to know what to do and how to behave during floods, fires and anything that can endanger life and property. The 2nd Brigade makes its contribution and will continue making contribution, the defence minister said
According to him, the 2nd Brigade is part of this community.
– This is not an occupying army. This is the army that has grown out from this people and for this people. That is why I specifically invite members of the majority population in this area, members of the Bosniak community in this area, to apply and participate in their army. Their religious rights are guaranteed and everything that makes their specificity in the Serbian Armed Forces is respected and developed. I invite them to join their army, to be its part and to protect their only homeland and country, our common Serbia. We must not let anybody eager for cheap political promotion make divisions among us. There are no division and there cannot be any, and as far as I can see, those who are doing it - they usually do it as when they live in Belgrade, then they consider it to be the best and most beautiful state, and perhaps the army, and when they are left out of office and position in Belgrade, they are ready to make conflicts among the people. This is your army. This is our army. This is our only country and I urge on Bosniaks to come to the Serbian Armed Forces in greater numbers – quality of life is improving, salaries are growing, conditions of work are getting better, and so it will continue. Take advantage of this opportunity, Minister Vulin concluded.
Brigadier General Željko Kuzmanović, Commander of the 2nd Brigade briefed Minister Vulin on the status and the reached level of operational capabilities of the headquarters and units of the 2nd Brigade, the infrastructure of the barracks in Novi Pazar, as well as a part of the training capacities. According to him, the command and units of the 2nd Brigade are operationally capable of performing all the tasks set.
Before the visit, Minister Vulin met with Nihat Biševac, Mayor of Novi Pazar, and Nebojša Simović, Mayor of Raška.
Mayor Biševac emphasized the very good cooperation between the City of Novi Pazar and the Serbian Armed Forces and said that the army has always helped the citizens of Novi Pazar, particularly emphasiying that the members of the Serbian Armed Forces of different religions in the Novi Pazar barracks had premises for carrying out religious rites. He thanked and praised the fact that the Serbian Armed Forces has sent Sergeant Major Elvir Smailagić as its representative to the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.
Head of Raška administrative district Simović expressed his satisfaction with the visit of Minister Vulin and thanked the members of the Second Brigade for everything they did and what they do to help the civilian population, because “the army has always been with its population”.

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