Visting the 41st Infantry Battalion

Wednesday, 22.1.2020 | Stories from Units
Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin visited members of the 41st Infantry Battalion of the Fourth Brigade of the Land Forces, on “South” Base near Bujanovac today.

This is the unit that was selected for the best Battalion of the Land Forces in the past year by the Land Forces Command, as well as the first unit that has introduced “Lazar 3” combat armored vehicles.

After visiting the capacities of the 41st Battalion, Minister Vulin pointed out that today he had the opportunity to ascertain, on the “South” Base, why the superior command had chosen that particular battalion as the best one.

- This battalion is not the best because it has the most modern assets, because it has received better equipment than others, but because it possesses the quality of people who are dedicated to their duties, who love the military, who love their profession. The Serbian Armed Forces can be proud not only of this unit, but of every member who do their best to fulfill all their tasks and to preserve peace, stability and security, and to preserve our way of life – stressed Minister Vulin.

According to the Minister of Defense, in the Ground Security Zone, the situation is regular, life is planned and organized, and the state of Serbia can be calm and peaceful while her Armed Forces are looking after her.

The Commander of the 41st Infantry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Saša Vučković, emphasized that he was honored and pleased that the battalion he commanded was declared the best Land Forces unit in 2019 by the Command of the Land Forces.

- During today’s visit, we presented to the Minister of Defense the purpose and tasks of the battalion, as well as one of the infantry companies equipped with the new combat vehicle “Lazar 3”, a liturgical space, as well as the mess hall and workshop facilities – said Lieutenant Colonel Vučković.

According to Commander of the 1st Infantry Company of the 41st Infantry Battalion, Captain Ivica Barać, this is the first company in the Serbian Armed Forces equipped from mid-2019 with wheeled armored combat vehicles “Lazar 3”.

- We conducted all necessary training with the members of the platoons, which include armored combat vehicles “Lazar 3”, performed all the intended shooting at the military complex “Pasuljanske livade”, as well as an exercise at the training grounds “Borovac”. When it comes to experience in working with these vehicles so far, they are very positive, they have proven to be extremely mobile as a means of fire support, which are extremely useful for infantry units such as infantry companies – said Captain Barać.

Positive impressions of the Lazar 3 armored combat vehicle are also shared by Captain Marko Stanimirović, commander of the first firing squad of the armored combat vehicle “Lazar 3”, who is in charge of training on the aforementioned vehicle.

- I, as a commander, am extremely pleased, as are all the soldiers, with the armored combat vehicle “Lazar 3” and we are extremely honored and pleased to be the first unit that had the privilege of receiving and training on that vehicle and thus gain new experiences and knowledge – said Captain Stanimirović.

Commander of the Fourth Brigade, Brigadier General Slobodan Stopa and Chief of Staff of the Land Forces Command, Brigadier General Željko Tramošljika also took part in today’s visit.

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