General Diković attends shooting of film on King Peter

Thursday, 26.4.2018 | CHOD's Activities

SAF Chief of the General Staff General Ljubiša Diković and his associates, today in the vicinity of Ripanj, attended the shooting of the scenes of the film on King Peter I for the glory of Serbia.

It is the project of the production company “Zilion film”, of our famous actor Lazar Ristovski, whose realisation was supported by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have made a major contribution to the project implementation, primarily by engaging 200 soldiers, members of the Armed Forces for shooting mass scenes of the Kolubara and Cer battles, but also by providing machinery, vehicles, military equipment and necessary equipment for the logistic support to the project.
General Ljubiša Diković, accompanied by Lazar Ristovski, who interprets the character of King Peter in the film and series, visited members of the Serbian Armed Forces engaged in the film set and talked to them.
Wishing them happy work, General Ljubiša Diković pointed out that the film and series represent the history of Serbia in the nicest possible way.
- Do not save yourself because, with this film shooting, you are becoming, in a way, part of the history of Serbia for which this project is very important. The world should see what happened 100 years ago, and that is just two generations behind us and it is necessary to send them a realistic image of us. It is about the events from 1906 to 1918, and at that time, the Serbian soldiers and peasants were adorned by great humanity, and above all, great heroism that originated from their love for Serbia - the Chief of General Staff said and confirmed that the events from that time are Serbia's great support, for the pride of us today, but also of future generations.
Thanking General Diković for his generous help, the first man of the “Zilion Film”, actor Lazar Ristovski, said that without this support, it would not be possible to successfully implement the project.
- Unfortunately, our younger generations do not have military training, so they do not even know how to hold a rifle, let alone how to shoot, and therefore the help of a professional army was really needed. Radio Television of Serbia finances such a big project as the name says - for the glory of Serbia, and we are really trying to accomplish it, so we must not make any mistake in that, because these events are in the emotional memory of the Serbian people and it is necessary for us to be correct and true in everything, and to make something that will remain memorized forever - Lazar Ristovski said.
The famous actor introduced the members of the team and the main actors to General Diković, and the Chief of General Staff took the opportunity to make photographs with the soldiers in the authentic Serbian uniform of that time, after which he went to see the direction and attended the shooting of one of the scenes.
The premiere of the film “King Peter the First for the Glory of Serbia” is planned to be screened in the Sava Center on 11th November, on the day of signing the Peace Agreement in the First World War, while the broadcast of 10 episodes of the same series will start at the beginning of the next year.

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