Reception of the Officers to be Sent to the General Staff Course

Thursday, 27.8.2020 | News
The Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, received today the officers who are going to be sent to the General Staff Course of the National Defence School.

Expressing his satisfaction that the Serbian Armed Forces are sending a new generation of officers to be educated for high and responsible duties in the defence system, General Mojsilović emphasized that he expects the participants to provide their maximum and show the creativity in performing tasks in order to achieve the set goals of professional development.

The Chief of the General Staff especially pointed out that the participants of this class of the General Staff Course, based on their abilities and previous results in the service, deserved to be selected for this level of professional development and that they were designed to take on the duties where they are expected to make the greatest contribution to improving the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.

General Staff Course is the third level of career development for officers, aimed at developing leadership skills for strategic thinking and effective command and control in a wide range of national and international security challenges.

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