Seeing off the Infantry Troops on Their Way to the UN Peacekeeping Operation in Lebanon

Monday, 23.12.2019 | Multinational Operations
Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, attended the ceremonial farewell of an Infantry Company from the Third Army Brigade and Force Protective Platoon from the Training Command to the United Nations Multinational Operation in the Republic Lebanon (UNIFIL) today.

161 members of the Serbian Armed Forces are being sent to the UNIFIL multinational operation to be engaged in peacekeeping in Lebanon.

Minister Vulin told peacekeepers never to forget that they are wearing the blue UN beret, but also never to forget that they are also the bearers of “the Serbian flag and Serbian uniform”.

- You are peacekeepers and soldiers of the United Nations there, but you are both there and here; in your life wherever you are, always and above all – soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces. You guard our flag and our great and honorable name and those who came before you have left behind the respect, affection, attention and love of the people they worked with. You must do nothing less. It is up to you to preserve that honorable and wonderful name, to preserve the respect and love left by those before you. Be brave, hardworking, disciplined, but above all, take care of each and every one of you. May you return healthy, standing tall, proud and richer for one more experience, the Minister of Defense said.

The Minister of Defense handed over the flags of the Republic of Serbia to the Commander of the Infantry Company, Major Milan Kuburić and the Commander of the Force Protective Platoon, Captain Željko Petrović, who promised on behalf of their colleagues to perform all tasks assigned in the mission honorably and professionally, in accordance with the mission’s mandate and tasks.

Major Kuburić stated that all members were fully prepared for implementation of the tasks. He emphasized that the training was implemented in several stages and was complex, and of great importance were the experiences of the members who had previously been on peacekeeping missions.

Senior Sergeant Bojan Stojanović stressed that he was ready for the mission in the Republic of Lebanon and for the tasks he would perform there.

“I will be separated from my family for six months, but I know that I will be serving my country during this time,” said the Senior Sergeant.

Corporal Vladimir Milosavljević pointed out that he was honored to be part of the contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces going to Lebanon. He believes that the quality training they have received will help them accomplish their mission tasks successfully, but adds that the experience from the mission will be important for his professional career.

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