Military Skills Competition

Tuesday, 25.2.2020 | Training
Soldiers in military service who joined the Serbian Armed Forces last December took part in a military skills competition carried out at the Peskovi military complex near Požarevac.

On the tactical field with firepits and barriers, infantry specialty soldiers demonstrated knowledge, skills, and agility while moving on unfamiliar terrain, mastering natural and artificial obstacles and firing.

The competition was organized at the end of a seven-day stationary camp, during which the focus in training was on the realization of tactical training and combat shooting from small arms and collective weapons.

Soldiers practiced using a 7.62 mm M84 machine gun and BGA 30 mm M93 automatic grenade launcher, as well as actions and procedures in defence during day and night, the proper use of masking, moving in combat and making cover.

Upon returning from the camp, the final part of the individual specialist training - evaluation of the soldiers - will follow, when the commanders will evaluate their training to accomplish the tasks.

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