Training of the Students of the 14th Class of Basic NCO Course

Thursday, 8.8.2019 | News

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin visited students of the 14th Class of Basic NCO Course in the Army Training Centre at the training area “Peskovi”.

After a tour and presentation of a part of the training, Minister Vulin assessed that the armed forces were trained daily and that their members acquired new knowledge every day.

- At the course for future non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces, we can make sure, to our satisfaction, that they are highly motivated, that they are ready to work, that they wish to learn and that they display all those capabilities that are required for future NCOs. Non-commissioned officers are the backbone of every military, they are the ones who work with soldiers, who bear the greatest burden and that is why it is exceptionally important for them to be trained, and satisfied and motivated as well. The Serbian Armed Forces are ready to discharge their every task, and this year we will have a significantly higher number of promotions into first NCO ranks. We believe that the Serbian Armed Forces need to strengthen this particular segment. If you have a good NCO, a satisfied NCO - you have satisfied and secured Serbian Armed Forces - Minister Vulin sent the message.

Head of Department for Training and Doctrine of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Brigadier General Željko Petrović expressed his satisfaction with what the students of the Course had displayed on that day.

- The Course attenders have demonstrated today that they have achieved that level of capabilities that enables them, after the completion of the Course and promotion into the first NCO rank, to successfully command group level units and show what they have learned, because that is the key role in the armed forces - General Patrović underlined.

Following a report given by Deputy Commander of the Army Training Centre, Lieutenant Colonel Nikola Otašević, the minister toured stationary camping site of the members of the 14th Class of Basic NCO Course, and he attended a display of competence in work with decontamination, medical and telecommunication station.

In the framework of competence display, the attenders showed overcoming a fire track, emplacement and change of fire positions, engagement of an emplaced facility and training of candidates for logistic specialities.

Today’s visit was also attended by Acting Commander of the Training Command Brigadier General Jelesije Radivojević, Head of Private Office of the Minister of Defence Brigadier General Siniša Kresović and Command Sergeant Major of the Serbian Armed Forces Zoran Kocić.

The Basic NCO Course lasts for six months, and upon completion of the Course, the candidates are promoted to the rank of sergeant and posted in organic posts in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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