Training on Rocket Launcher "Orkan" in Mixed Artillery Brigade

Wednesday, 26.2.2020 | Training
The units of the Mixed Artillery Brigade conduct collective training in winter conditions on Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher M-87 "Orkan" at the "Mija Stanimirovic" Barracks in Niš and the "Rujnička Kosa" military complex.

The training enhances the already acquired knowledge in the handling and use of this high firepower tool. Besides the missile launcher crew, the topographic, computer, reconnaissance and liaison departments also conduct training. Together they form the command and reconnaissance part of the unit. The focus is on owning a rocket position and practicing to carry out indirect shooting.

Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher M-87 "Orkan" is used to provide fire support for operation forces within the action of significant surface targets, as well as to prevent the penetration of enemy armored units.

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