Send-off of Serbian Armed Forces Contingent to United Nations Mission in Lebanon

Thursday, 27.8.2020 | Multinational Operations
Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin attended the send-off of Serbian Armed Forces contingent to multinational operation UNIFIL in Lebanon, from the airport “Konstantin the Great” in Niš. In next six months, the contingent of 142 members of the Serbian Armed Forces will be engaged in that peacekeeping mission of the United Nations.
According to Minister Vulin, all soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces who participate in peacekeeping missions have undergone very demanding training and they were rigorously selected.
– We send the best, because we wish to spread the awareness of the worth and quality of Serbian troops and Serbian Armed Forces wherever we are. In the past, we had to seek help to maintain peace, and today, we are the ones who provide peace to others and who provide stability to others. The Serbian Armed Forces are an ally to peace and everyone who desires peace. All members of the Serbian Armed Forces who are going to the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon are prepared, trained, they know what they will face, and that we take particular attention to them – said Minister Vulin and added that previous contingent had returned later because of corona virus, but “they were all healthy, no one was infected, and they all returned just the way they should – good, healthy, just like they were when they had gone”.
– Each of these soldiers is capable of executing every task, his every responsibility, and they are prepared for that. The good name and praises that we constantly here from all the places where our soldiers are deployed, come to us because they are well trained, prepared soldiers, and because those are good men who understand someone else’s hardship, someone else’s worries, who respect someone else’s religion, someone else’s nationality and culture. That is why they are respected wherever they go, they are appreciated and the people there wish to see them again. Another group of our members departs for Lebanon. May they return to us soon, and may they return well and healthy, just like they have been when they left. That is an order – stated the minister of defence.

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