Tour of the Fourth Brigade Training

Wednesday, 6.11.2019 | Training
Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Major General Petar Cvetković and Commandant of the Land Forces, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, attended today a tactical exercise with live shooting “Udar 2019” (“Attack 2019”) conducted by members of the Fourth Brigade of the Land Forces at the military complex “Pasuljanske livade”.

Following successful completion of the exercise, Minister Vulin emphasized that today we had the opportunity to make sure how well prepared and trained members of our Artillery and our Armored units are and to see that every member of the Serbian Armed Forces is always ready and highly motivated to fulfill their task.

- The Serbian Armed Forces equally pay attention to all its elements, all its Arms and Services, but another thing to make sure is that all of the Arms and Services is equally modernized, contemporary and that its members are highly motivated. The Serbian Armed Forces are making great efforts when it comes to modernizing our Armored units, but also our Artillery, and above all, making sure that each of our members is satisfied, safe and highly motivated – said Minister Vulin.

All members of the Serbian Armed Forces, the Minister of Defense pointed out, are capable of carrying out all their tasks.

Commander of the tactical exercise with live shooting “Udar 2019”, Major Ljubiša Micić, Commander of the 46th Tank Battalion, said that the exercise was conducted under the working title “Tank Company Attacking”.

- Tank crews are trained and capable of performing dedicated tasks. Prior to the exercise, multiple shootings were performed at the military complex “Orešac”, as well as here at “Pasuljanske livade” and this exercise was the culmination of the training of the 2nd Tank Company – said Major Micić.

Lieutenant Nikola Jovanović, Commander of the 3rd Tank Squad, who also participated in the exercise “Udar 2019”, emphasized that they have been preparing for this exercise throughout the year.

- We trained tank crews in the barracks, at the training grounds, and today was the crown of our training. The tactical and live firing parts were excellent, despite the unfavorable meteorological conditions and I am satisfied with my tank crews and my Tank Platoon, who performed excellent shooting – said Lieutenant Jovanović.

Gunner of the M-84 tank, Corporal Miroslav Tasić, says that he has been in service with the Serbian Armed Forces for more than a decade and has fired more than 130 missiles during that time.

- I had four hits today. We are all pleased with the result we have achieved given the weather conditions in which shooting was conducted – emphasized Corporal Tasić, adding that today they had the opportunity to show what they have mastered during the training.

The “Udar 2019” exercise was carried out by members of the 2nd Tank Company of the 46th Tank Battalion of the 4th Brigade of the Land Forces under the working title “Tank Company Attacking”, and members of the 1st Self-Propelled Howitzer Battery of the 43rd Self-Propelled Howitzer Artillery Division performed “Battery in Support of the Tank troops attacking”.

The aim of the exercise is to improve the training of commands and units in the preparation, organization and implementation of the assault operations, as well as the execution of assigned fire and tactical tasks. More than 200 members of the Fourth Brigade of the Land Forces and 20 combat vehicles participated in the exercise.

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