Training Target Shooting in the Air

Tuesday, 8.9.2020 | Training
Members of the artillery and missile units are conducting training shootings on targets in the airspace from the "Strela 2M" and retraining of units and shooting from the PASARS system at the military airport "Colonel-pilot Milenko Pavlović".

The training is carried out within the preparations for control-training shooting, followed by live ammunition shooting on the training grounds "Pasuljanske livade" and "Nikinci“.

Training for engaging an actual target is being carried out on the light portable short-range missile system "Strela 2M", while units are being retrained on the hybrid artillery-missile system PASARS, which is in development, before the introduction of weapons into the Serbian Armed Forces.

Today, the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, attended the training at the airport in Batajnica and on that occasion pointed out that the Serbian Armed Forces are always preparing and that every day some of our personnel conduct training, in accordance with the plans and requirements of our military.

As the Minister of Defence emphasized, Serbian Armed Forces equips itself with new weapons and new devices, adopts the latest knowledge and learns from others.

—Serbian Armed Forces is not losing any of its capabilities and nothing in our arsenal is worth throwing away. Everything can be used, everything can be improved and everything serves a purpose in the Serbian Armed Forces—concluded Minister Vulin.

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