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The Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces Celebrated its Holiday

Friday, 4.5.2018 | Culture and traditions

With a ceremonial march past and display of a part of equipment organised in the barracks “Dedinje” the members of the Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces celebrated the Day of the unit.

The celebration was attended by General Secretary of the President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, President of the National Council for the Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and China, Tomislav Nikolić, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković with the members of his Board, representatives of religious communities, organisations and establishments of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, local government, veterans’ organisations and numerous other guests.
– In accordance with the orders of the President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, and in line with organisational changes in our armed forces, the Guard will have even more significant role. It will not only be the role of the most beautiful, the first that we present in front of our guests that is our pride and glory, but it will be even stronger role of an elite combat unit – said the General Secretary of the President of the Republic Minister Vulin congratulating that holiday to all the present and former members of the Guard.
He stressed that the Guard had always been the pride of its people and fear of those who wanted to harm that people and the country.
According to him, the day when Miloš Obrenović called for “summoning the best and the most beautiful from all the people” in order to establish the Guard, was truly a great day.
– Ever since, the great Miloš and every ruler of Serbia that followed addressed only those worth living and existing, the only ones who has never lost or betrayed, the only ones who are the source and reason of our existence – their people. From that time until today, that people gave their best, who were selected among the best, to proudly and honourably bear the name of the Guard – Minister Vulin said adding that the elite unit of the armed forces was guardian of Serbia, its tradition and freedom above all.
He pointed out that the wars had come one after the other that we had not seek and which we had not waged according to our will, which we had not caused or advocated for, and every our soldier, the Guardsman in particular, had shown that Serbs were unbreakable as long as they believed in freedom.
Minister Vulin thanked the Guardsmen for their self-sacrifice, daily persistence, love for their country and unconditional resolve to live for and because of Serbia.
Speaking about the history of the Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces and its present tasks, the Commander of that unit, Major General Milomir Todorović underscored that the Guard had always been in the front lines as a force and mainstay of the armed forces.
– This 188th anniversary of the Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces that we celebrate is an occasion and opportunity to feel exceptional because we belong to a society that highly appreciates its armed forces and perceives them as part of its integrity and its own dignity. We belong to a nation which deems freedom to be a paramount and unconditional value and we recognise in it our duty and obligation – stressed Major General Milomir Todorović and added  that the Guard was a protector and guarantee of those values.
Today’s ceremony was an opportunity to present recognitions to awarded and commended members of the Guard which was followed by a march past of the units during which they presented a part of capabilities and show-piece motor vehicles that they possess.

The Guard marks 6th May in memory of St. George’s Day in 1830, when upon the order of Miloš Obrenović the forst group of 73 handsome young men was selected who made the first Guard unit in Serbia.  

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