Tactical Exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff

Tuesday, 15.5.2018 | Training

Tactical exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff titled “Rudnik 2018” in which the organisational units of the General Staff are going to be deployed outside of their peacetime locations, has been initiated early this morning by sounding the alarm.

Today and tomorrow, the officers, NCOs and civil servants of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff are to exercise the preparation, deployment outside of their peacetime locations and organisation of work at exercise deployment posts.

During the two day long exercise the control team will monitor the work of the organisational units during exist to the alarm posts, preparations for the deployment, forming march lines, marching and emplacement of deployment site along with setting up the elements of security and telecommunication and IT support.

Head of the Operations Department (J-3) Brigadier General Duško Žarković was in overall command of the tactical exercise.

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