Serbian Armed Forces Takes Part in the International Exercise in Bulgaria

Friday, 19.7.2019 | Training
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces participated in the exercise Platinum Lion 19 organised by the U.S. European Command (USEUCOM). It was conducted with participation of 800 soldiers from seven countries, in the Republic of Bulgaria, 7-19 July 2019.

Our rifle platoon from the 11th infantry battalion of the First Army Brigade in the exercise practiced tactics, techniques and procedures for both an attack and defence in the urban environment, and then, as part of a multinational player company, conducted training for the helicopter air assault.
The aim of the exercise, which was carried out at Novo Selo Training Area, is to improve the interoperability and mutual understanding among the armies of the partner countries for carrying out operations in a multinational environment.
Exercises from the Platinum series have been carried out since 2014, where: Platinum Lion is carried out in Bulgaria, Platinum Eagle in Romania and Platinum Wolf in Serbia.

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