Stationary Camping of Soldiers Serving Voluntary Military Service

Friday, 27.12.2019 | Training
December intake of soldiers serving military service form the Training Centre of the Training Command are on stationary camping.

The soldiers from the Second Training Centre who a month ago joined the ranks of the Serbian Armed Forces and who have completed the adaptation period and gained basic military knowledge and skills, are conducting their training on the training grounds “Sedlari” and “Fifth Regiment” near Valjevo.

The focus of the soldiers’ training is placed on the execution of preparation firing from automatic rifle in day and night conditions, and execution of preparation hand grenade throwing, and during tactical training, the soldiers are trained for surveillance, spatial orienteering, and soldiers’ combat actions and procedures.

Following the return from the camping, the third and final segment of individual training will ensue - soldiers’ evaluation, during which the commanders will check the level of their training for conduct of certain tasks. The soldiers who successfully pass the evaluation are sent to specialised training centres where they are trained in the framework of their specialties after which they will continue their military service in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces. 

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