Day of River Units and River Flotilla Marked

Wednesday, 7.8.2019 | Culture and traditions

Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin attended a ceremony to mark the Day of the River Units of the Serbian Armed Forces, which is at the same time the Day of the River Flotilla of the Land Forces on board the ship “Kozara” in the port of Novi Sad today.

While congratulating them on the holiday, Minister Vulin emphasized that all members of the River Flotilla are highly trained and motivated, prepared and capable of carrying out every task.

- The capabilities they have at their disposal are almost 100% in working condition, and in addition to the regular maintenance of our River Flotilla, the modernization and upgrading of our weapons is underway. Every part of the Republic of Serbia, whether it is air, land or water, can and must be absolutely protected. The Serbian Armed Forces are able to guarantee peace and security for anyone living in the Republic of Serbiathroughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and a strong Serbian Armed Forces and a strong Serbia are the guarantors of peace throughout the Balkans, Minister Vulin said.
According to him, our weapons, equipment and training are in the function of peace.
- The stronger the Serbian Armed Forces, the stronger and more stable Serbia is, the more peaceful and secure the Balkans will be. No one should be afraid that the Serbian Armed Forcesare arming, but we will also not give anyone the pretext or right to decide how and where to arm ourselves, what to equip ourselves with, because our weapons and armament will never, at any cost, be abused. The Serbian Armed Forces are the guarantor of peace and security, and the policy of President AleksandarVučić, the policy of peace and stability in the Balkans, will always be supported by all members of the Serbian Armed Forces, Minister Vulin said.
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Provincial Government, ĐorđeMilićević, stated that the Serbian Armed Forces are the main basis for the security of all citizens of the Republic of Serbia.
- Over the last couple of years, the Serbian Armed Forces are being reconstructed and renewed, primarily at the initiative of the Serbian President AleksandarVučić, with the full support of the Serbian Government and the Minister of Defense. We are witnessing that the Armed Forces are rapidly modernizing and constituting a respectable factor for maintaining peace and stability in this region. The Provincial Government has partnered with the Serbian Armed Forces in solving numerous issues and we are extremely pleased with this cooperation, Milićevićemphasized and congratulated the holiday to all members of the River Flotilla.
Commander of the River Flotilla,Navy Captain Andrija Andrić emphasized that the River Flotilla was trained and equipped to perform tasks in all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces.
- The complexity and specificity of the environment in which we live and work is a motive for developing the ability to respond quickly to risks and threats throughout the course of the rivers, canals and lakes. It is important to know that success is possible only through continuous commitment of each individual, personal initiative and strengthening of the collective spirit, said the Commandant of the River Flotilla, adding that it is a great honor to be a member of the River Flotilla, which today celebrates 104 years of existence.
Today’s ceremony was also marked by defiles of ships and assets of the pontoon units, and the holiday celebration was also attended by Commandant of the Land Forces, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, local governments, former commanders and numerous guests.
The Day of River Units and River Flotilla is commemorated in memory of 6August 1915, when the first Serbian warship, the armored boat “Jadar”, was launched from the Čukarica River. This is how the history of the Combat River Flotilla of the Kingdom of Serbia was established.

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