General Mojsilović at the Balkan Chiefs of Defence Conference

Wednesday, 4.9.2019 | Training

Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović participated in the Balkan Chiefs of Defence Conference in Bucharest.

This year’s Conference, the thirteenth, was opened by Advisor to President of Romania for national security Lieutenant General Mihai Şomordolea, and apart from Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Romania General Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă in his capacity as host, other participants of the Conference were chiefs of general staffs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro and Albania and Deputy Chief of General Staff of Bulgaria.

After deliberation on annual report of the Coordination group and working sub-groups for education, training and exercise and asymmetric threats, the participants of the Conference confirmed their readiness for further development and advancement of cooperation in the framework of this forum and for realisation of projects and activities which will make the common cooperation even stronger, and mutual relations and ties even tighter, all for the benefit of the Balkan region and member states.

Continuing the practice of the previous two conferences held in Athens and Belgrade, this year as well, a guest lecturer delivered an address. The address covering the topic “Challenges and shortcomings of UN peacekeeping operations” was delivered by military adviser to the UN Undersecretary Lieutenant General Carlos Humberto Loitey.

Guests of this year’s Conference were representatives of NATO Military Committee, EU Military Committee, NATO Joint Forces Command Naples, and representatives of general staffs of Slovak Armed Forces and Armed Forces of Croatia.

The host of the next Balkan Chiefs of Defence Conference will be Montenegro.

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