Training of Soldiers for Reconnaissance Duties

Monday, 31.8.2020 | Training
Professional soldiers from the Army units who are being trained for the duties of the reconnaissance bodies conducted a mobile camp on the training and practice grounds in the vicinity of Požarevac.

Before the camp, the scouts carried out exercises with mines and explosive devices, all program shootings from infantry weapons and practiced tactical actions and movement in unknown terrain with orientation in space and overcoming various types of obstacles.

At the end of the training, a demonstration exercise was performed, during which the scouts demonstrated the ability to perform special actions and solve tasks in the enemy depth, in this case a sabotage raid on a telecommunications center, then the ability to feed independently in nature, as well as improvised means to overcome water obstacles.

Reconnaissance training was carried out in terrains of different configurations so that the conditions were similar to the situations in which they could be found during combat operations, which is crucial for the psychophysical readiness of soldiers to perform complex tasks in the enemy depth.

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