Visiting Barracks in Loznica

Wednesday, 27.11.2019 | Training
Minister of defence Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović, chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, and Brigadier General Vladeta Baltić, deputy Army commander, has visited today the Loznica-based ‘Klupci’ Barracks and announced the return of the army to that barracks and the formation of the 111th Infantry Battalion of the 1st Army Brigade.
— In accordance with the orders of the commander-in-chief of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian Armed Forces returns to where it belongs. We fulfil our strategic and tactical tasks and behave in accordance with the new national defence strategy. That is exactly why the Serbian Armed Forces is returning to the Klupci barracks — minister Vulin said.
The Klupci barracks will employ several hundreds of people, the defence minister said, pointing out that this is good news for both local government and the Serbian Armed Forces.
— The 111th Infantry Battalion, which will be deployed here, will be a battalion that will guarantee the safety and security of all citizens of Loznica, but not only Loznica. Wherever army is, there is peace, safety, respect for the law, security, there are hard-working, dedicated people who are the guarantor that any problem that may arise in this area will be solved together with the Serbian Armed Forces. The Serbian Armed Forces is here to stay. The Serbian Armed Forces will not be downsized any more. The Serbian Armed Forces will not retreat. The Serbian Armed Forces is here to protect our everyday way of life and every investment in the Serbian Armed Forces is an investment in the life and quality of life of each of us — minister Vulin said.
According to Brigadier General Zoran Nasković, commander of the 1st Army Brigade, the preparations for the formation of the 111th Infantry Battalion are intensive.
— Last year, we renovated the existing facilities, and next year the construction of new facilities for the accommodation of personnel and all other capacities needed for an infantry battalion will follow — General Nasković said, adding that the formation of an infantry battalion will be an opportunity for employment of a large number of young men and women, not only from Loznica but also from the wider surroundings of the city.
 During his visit to the barracks, minister Vulin met with mayor of Loznica Vidoje Petrović, who, on this occasion, expressed great gratitude for the efforts being made by the Serbian President, the Serbian Government and the Ministry of Defence with regard to the revitalisation of the Klupci barracks.
Petrović emphasized that the Loznica region has always been attached to its army and that this has been shown numerous times throughout history.
— This is a new chance for young people who have completed their military service and who are eligible so that they can count on finding a job here as professional soldiers. During the preparatory activities for refurbishing the premises and facilities, we had wonderful cooperation with the officers of the Serbian Armed Forces, and it will certainly be continued — mayor Petrović said.

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