The SAF Are Modernising the Air Defence Units

Friday, 16.2.2018 | News

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and CHOD General Ljubiša Diković, visited with their associates on duty unit in the Air Defence system of Air Force and Air Defence of the SAF.

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković, visited with their associates on duty unit in the Air Defence system of Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Armed Forces.
After the tour, Minister Vulin pointed out that the Serbian Armed forces were on duty every day and that our sky was safe, just like our land was safe.
- The Serbian Armed Forces, regardless of holidays or any other day, are always ready to protect our sovereignty and to guarantee safety of every citizen of our country. After many years, the Serbian Armed Forces are making progress both material progress, in terms of the situation of its members, and technical progress as well. Not only did we procure new “MiGs”; not only will we procure new helicopters, but we are also working on developing our air defence. Hence, after many years, we are carrying out the modernisation of our AD systems “KUB” which we expect to be introduced modernised as they will be in our armament, but the most importantly, this modernisation is going to be the fruit of national intelligence, national knowledge, because responsible bodies for the modernisation are the MTI, Jugoimport, Faculty of Electric Engineering from Niš and owing to the fact that the work is done by our engineers, our intelligence, it is going to be much less costly and everything is just how we want it – Minister Vulin stressed.
According to the minister of defence every investment in the Serbian Armed Forces eventually proves to be an investment in national knowledge and national intelligence.
Speaking about today’s visit, General Diković underlined that they checked the work of one of the units within duty and Air Defence systems of the Serbian Armed Forces.
- We have tested the capability of that unit and serviceability of the equipment and I can conclude that the equipment is in working order, that the crews and operators are trained to act in different situations and I would evaluate their work as very good. We have talked with the soldiers about the situation, whether they are satisfied, about the living and working conditions, serviceability of equipment, assets and materiel and one can notice a great satisfaction and motivation of all the members, starting from the soldiers to the officers, which is the product of care, manifested somewhat more lately and we hope that the trend will continue – General Diković stressed adding that the satisfaction was not only the result of care about the status and standard, but also about the materiel.
According to his words, the serviceability of equipment has been increased, there are more assets to be maintained and when that is combined with the status and standard, the result is a satisfied unit and satisfied soldier.
- That is our goal to which we will aspire in the upcoming period and our wish is that every soldier is extremely satisfied and motivated and that is one of the conditions for successful execution of a task – underscored the Chief of the General Staff.

Today’s visit was conducted in the presence of Commander of Air Force and Air Defence Major General Ranko Živak and Commander of the 250th Rocket Brigade Colonel Tiosav Janković who informed the minister of defence and Chief of General Staff about the tasks, use and composition of the on-duty rocket battery in the AD system.

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