Notable Success of Military Drivers at International Military Games

Thursday, 27.8.2020 | International Co-operation
Serbian Armed Forces crew consisting of Lance Corporal Miloš Četrović and Senior Sergeant Goran Đokić won the first place in individual race – one of competition categories of the Military Rally at International Military Games in Russia.
At final competition in this event held on 26th August, Lance Corporal Četrović as a driver and Senior Sergeant Đokić as passenger-navigator achieved the best result in competition of eight crews in category of vehicles with 6x6 drive formula.
The race was divided in two segments, in terrain conditions and in terrain completely unknown to all the participants. Apart from measuring the overall track time, every diversion from defined route was negatively scored as well as every exceeding given speed limit. The route was given to the competitors before the start of the race, downloaded to navigation devices used by the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, which were used by referees to monitor race details and the speed of movement of the vehicles.
After the first phase of the race, the Serbian Armed Forces crew was placed third, but in the second phase it considerably improved its placement and won the first place. It is important to note that Serbian crew did not exceed speed limit in both phases, which particularly surprised the organisers which makes the result even more valuable.
The competition in Military Rally will be continued by a race with live firing and team race which is the main event of the Military Rally.
Be reminded that at last year’s International Military Games team of the Serbian Armed Forces won the third place and that it was the first time that our military drivers participated in this event at the International Military Games.

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