250th Air Defence Missile Brigade

The 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade is a tactial uinit intended for air defence of important commercial objecta and regions, administrative and political centres and Serbian Armed Forces against surveillance and activities from air space.
  • 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade
    Commander, 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, Brigadier General Tiosav Janković
    • HQ Company
    • 1st Air Defence Missile Battalion
    • 2nd Air Defence Missile Battalion
    • 230th Air Defence Self-propelled Missile Battalion
    • 240th Air Defence Self-propelled Missile Battalion
    • 310th Air Defence Self-propelled Missile Battalion
It is capable of preparation, planning and execution of air defence operations and is the lead carrier of fire power within air defence system.

Parts of this brigade are HQ, two AD missile battalions armed with NEVA missile system and three self-propelled missile battalions armed with KUB system. 

Brigadier General Tiosav Janković is the Commander of  the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade. 

Tasks of the 250th Brigade

The 250th AD Missile Brigade is tasked with:

  • controling and defending the air space in peacetime,
  • deterring air forces agression and preventing surprise,
  • protecting the mobilization and operational development of the Serbian Armed Forces, population and goods,
  • air defence of territory, commercial objects and areas as well as administrative and political centres,
  • air defence of the Serbian Armed Forces during preparation and execution of combat operations,
  • air defence of likely air desant areas,
  • participating in international military cooperation.

Armament of the 250th Brigade

Missile battalions are armed with S-125М1Т ‘Neva’ missile system, and self-propelled missile battalions are armed with 2К12 ‘Kub’ missile system. For immediate AD, battalions are armed with mobile AD missile systems ‘Strela 2М’.

A modernization of NEVA missile system was conducted, and ongoing is the modernization of KUB missile system.

Training in the 250th Brigade

The 250th AD Missile Brigade conducts training of professional and reserve component of the unit as well as training of soldiers on voluntary military service and supports the Military Academy in training of cadets on Air Defence Artillery and Missile Units Course. The highlight of the 250th AD Missile Brigade collective training is live firing at the Shabla Training Ground in Bulgaria.

Background of the 250th Brigade

Based on the decision of state leadership, from 24 November 1962, 250th AD Missile Regiment was formed, armed with S–75 ‘Dvina’ missile system, intended for defending the capital.
By introducing ‘Neva’ missile system and forming new battalions, the unit was reformed as a missile brigade in 1980. 

Within the transformation of the Serbian Armed Forces, on 26 April 2007, apart from units armed with ‘Neva’ missile system, units armed with ‘Kub’ system also joined the brigade.  

The most significant period for the 250th missile brigade is 1999, when it participated in defending the country from NATO aggression. For the achieved results and contribution in defending the country, the brigade was given the highest war recognition – the Order of the National Hero in 2000. In 2004 the Serbian Patriarch granted Gramata to the brigade and in 2015 the brigade was awarded Gold Meritorious Medal.

Brigade saves the memory of 28 missile units personnel who gave their lives in defending the country, at the same time paying respect to their families and all wounded and injured missile units personnel. Their victim is a constant inspiration for all generations of the unit’s personnel. 

Day of the 250th AD Missile brigade is celebrated on 24 November, the day when the 250th AD Missile Regiment was formed. 

Contact Information

Address: 2 Raska St., Belgrade
Phone: +381 (0) 11 3053-104
Fax: +381 (0) 11 3053-157
Email: 250rbrpvo@vs.rs

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