Special Brigade

Special Brigade is a tactical unit organized in a modular way combining commando, counterterrorist and paratrooper units. Within combat operations conducted by SAF units, Special Brigade carries out commando, counterterrorist, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering activities, mainly inside enemy combat disposition, in any type of terrain and weather conditions.
  • Special Brigade
    Commander, Special Brigade, Brigadier General Miroslav Talijan
    • HQ Battalion
    • Counterterrorist Battalion
    • 72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion
    • 63rd Paratrooper Battalion
The Special Brigade HQ is in Pancevo, while the units are stationed in Nis and Pancevo.

Brigadier General Miroslav Talijan is the Commander of the Special Brigade.

Tasks of the Special Brigade

Special Brigade is tasked with:

  • Reconnaissance in the enemy strategic, operational and tactical depth,
  • Demolition of enemy military installations,
  • Participation in intelligence operations, 
  • Resolution of hostage situations,
  • Elimination of terrorist groups,
  • Counterinsurgency operations,
  • Target designation in the air force and artillery operations,
  • Combat search and rescue of downed pilots, commando groups and individual servicemen inserted behind enemy lines.

Background of the Special Brigade

The Special Brigade was formed in accordance with the Decision of the Minister of Defense on 29th September 2006 by reorganizing and merging the 72nd Special Brigade, 63rd Paratrooper Brigade and parts of 82nd Marine Center and Counterterrorist Detachment ”Cobras”.

The 63rd Paratrooper Brigade and 72nd Special Brigade, decorated by the National Hero Medal on 14th October 1999 and War Flag Medal on 16th June 2000, became part of the Special Brigade.

Special Brigade is located in two garrisons — Pancevo and Nis. The HQ, the HQ Battalion, 72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion and Counterterrorist Battalion are stationed in the barracks “Rastko Nemanjic” in Pancevo, while 63rd Paratrooper Battalion is stationed in the barracks “Aerodrom” in Nis.

Since April 1, 2019, the Special Brigade has been directly subordinated to the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff.

The Day of the Special Brigade is 29th September.

The motto of the Special Brigade servicemen is: ”Who dares, wins. Who knows no fear, goes ahead”.

Contact Information

Address: Jabučki put St., Pančevo 
Phone: +381 (0) 13 326-026
Fax: +381 (0) 13 326-502
Email: specbr@vs.rs

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