Pre-deployment Training for the UN Peacekeeping Operation in Lebanon

Thursday, 8.7.2021 | Training
Training of Force Protection platoon from the Training Command for deployment in United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon is ongoing at "Borovac" range and in the "South" base. 

Training is conducted within broad preparations for deployment to the peacekeeping operation in order to provide full readiness of the unit for conducting assigned tasks.  

During this part of the preparations, under the watchful eye of instructors from the Multinational Operations Training Centre, collective training is conducted in conditions similar to those in the peacekeeping operation, and tasks performed by the platoon are fully adjusted to situations it can come across during the deployment in Lebanon. 

The program includes content from tactical, fire, physical and medical training, as well as the topics from the international humanitarian law, with the focus on conducting tasks during securing the base. 

Serbian Armed Forces has been deploying the Force protection platoon in the United Nations mission in Lebanon since 2014. Basic task of our platoon within the Italian contingent is securing the base where the United Nations forces are located.

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