Specialist Soldier Training in River Flotilla

Tuesday, 16.8.2022 | Training
On the part of the Danube near Belgrade, soldiers of the "June 2022" class who serve their military service in the riverine units of the River Flotilla, are currently undergoing specialist training.

Soldiers embarked on river ships are trained for the duties of boatmen, after successfully mastering all the contents of individual basic training at the Training Command centres.

The focus in this period is on conducting practical forms of training at the anchorage, where soldiers are trained to perform tasks at their combat stations, which await them in navigation and during conducting planned firing practices. In accordance with the training program, procedures for embarking and departing the ship, the correct use of deck devices, ship's boats and weapons for the combat resistance of the ship are practiced.

Soldiers assigned to riverine units complete three quarters of their military service on River Flotilla vessels, in order to adapt to specific conditions on the ship and master complex training programmes.

Thanks to the commitment of commanders, instructors and crew-members, soldiers quickly adapt to life onboard, and for that reason many of them are willing to become professional members of SAF river units once they complete their military service.

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