Admission of New Class to Military Service

Thursday, 2.6.2022 | Stories from Units
Yesterday, the SAF Basic Training Centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac admitted a new class of soldiers to voluntary military service.

Having arrived at the barracks, soldiers were issued weapons and equipment, and then posted to the units to be informed by their commanders of the rules, obligations and tasks during their military service. 

At the basic training centres, in the next month and a half, soldiers will be trained in handling personal weapons, performing basic tactical actions and procedures in battle, doing guard's duties and they will improve their physical fitness after which they will be referred to specialized training. 

The six month long military service consists of a three-month basic and individual specialized training at the Training Command Centres followed by collective training and active involvement of soldiers in the life and work of SAF units until the end of military service.

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