Training of Artillery Branch Soldiers

Tuesday, 23.11.2021 | Training
Regular training of soldiers of the artillery branch is being conducted at the training grounds of the Mixed Artillery Brigade in the barracks "Mija Stanimirović" in Niš. 

This is collective training of soldiers on military service in the second period of training and additional training of newly recruited professional soldiers to perform their duties within the crews on the 152 mm M-84 "Nora" and 155 mm B-52 M-15 "Nora" artillery systems.

During this training period, special attention is paid to practicing combat operations and procedures when occupying a firing position, timely detection and observation of targets, calculation and proper occupation of elements for artillery fire, as well as the work of crews after giving a fire command. 

Together with the training on artillery systems, the training of members of the radar-meteorological unit is conducted, during which the soldiers acquire knowledge about the influence of weather conditions on the precision of artillery fire and are trained to use modern devices for meteorological reconnaissance.

Training of soldiers in the Mixed Artillery Brigade is conducted throughout the year, and with additional training, which is regularly conducted in all units of the Serbian Armed Forces, professional soldiers are trained for more duties within their branch, which creates conditions for smooth execution of designated tasks in all conditions.

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