"Operation 22“ Military Police Battalion Tactical Exercise

Friday, 4.2.2022 | Training
This week, members of the Army military police battalion conducted the tactical exercise "Operation 22 at the "Rujnik" training range near Niš.
The work of the command and units during the planning, organization and conduct of military police tasks in the anti-terrorist operation was practiced at the exercise, in approximately real conditions. During several days of activities, knowledge of the principles of using military police units and resources was tested, as well as cooperation with other units of the Serbian Armed Forces, defense system structures and civilian environment factors.

Members of the unit, with the use of armored combat vehicles and service dogs, carried out a number of military police tasks, such as securing a command post, security protection, control of mass gatherings, and locating and destroying terrorist, sabotage and insurgent groups. The achieved results witness a high level of ability to perform the tasks for which the unit is intended.

Tactical exercises are an important form of practical training in the Serbian Armed Forces, and their implementation improves the capabilities of commands and units to perform assigned missions and tasks.

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