Specialist Training of Soldiers in River Flotilla

Wednesday, 26.1.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the shipping specialty who started their voluntary military service in December last year are doing intensive specialist training in the River Flotilla units.

They were deployed to multi-purpose river ships and the Special Purpose Ship "Kozara", where they are trained for the ship officers duties, after successfully mastering individual basic training in Training Command centres.

The initial part of the ship training is carried out at the anchorage and includes training for the proper use of deck equipment, performing deck work and practicing procedures during general ship movements. This is followed by collective training for performing navigation tasks and shooting from ship weapons.

Soldiers of the riverine units do three quarters of their military service on vessels and equipment in the River Flotilla, in order to adapt to specific ship conditions and master complex training contents that require special abilities, maximum concentration and teamwork.

Thanks to the dedication of the commander, instructors and all crew members, the soldiers quickly get used to the ship's environment, and most of them apply for positions in the Serbian Armed Forces as professional soldiers serving in the River Flotilla.

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