Training of Soldiers Performing Military Service

Wednesday, 5.1.2022 | Training
The "September 2021" class is undergoing collective training at the 72nd Special Operations Brigade in the "Rastko Nemanjić" barracks in Pančevo.

The selected soldiers who have been assigned to this elite Serbian unit are attending this collective training after successfully completing individual training at the Training Command’s centres. They are training to perform collective tasks providing support to the unit which carries out tasks primarily in the enemy’s dispositions at tactical and operating depths.

According to the training programme, soldiers are undergoing special forces’ combat, physical, and tactical training, firing practice and carrying out the unit’s daily tasks, including sentry duty.

Past experience shows that most of the soldiers who complete their military service at the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, apply for selective training, after which they become professional members of this elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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