Evaluation of Specialized Skills of Soldiers on Military Service

Wednesday, 1.6.2022 | Training
This week, the individual specialized skills of soldiers doing their military service as of March 2022 have been examined at the Serbian Armed Forces Training Centres. 

Over the past six weeks, soldiers have received theoretical and practical training in completing the tasks in line with specialties for which they were recruited. In that period, they have acquired the skills in undertaking tactical actions and procedures, handling different weapons and equipment, they executed all scheduled firing activities and passed the physical fitness test.   

During evaluation of their skills, soldiers face various tactical problems and draw on the knowledge and skills acquired through training so far in order to solve them. They have scored very good and excellent results, which is confirmation of the quality of training and their high motivation for performing military service.

After they complete the evaluation, soldiers are referred to SAF units to be trained in performing collective assignments involved in the every-day life and work of the unit alongside professional members until the end of their military service.

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