Latest Admission of Soldiers to Military Service

Friday, 2.12.2022 | Stories from Units
Soldiers of the December 2022 intake have been admitted to SAF Training Centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac for voluntary military service.

As they arrived at the barracks, the soldiers underwent obligatory medical examinations, were issued weapons and equipment, and posted to the units, where their commanders briefed them on their rights, responsibilities and tasks.

At the Basic Training Centres, in the next month and a half, soldiers will be trained in handling personal weapons, undertaking basic tactical actions and procedures in combat, performing guard’s duty and improving their physical fitness prior to their referral to specialist training.

Soldiers will spend the last three months of their military service in SAF units, training to execute collective assignments as active participants in the every-day life and work of the units.

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