Marking the CBRN Service Day

Tuesday, 28.9.2021 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony was held today in the „Car Lazar“ barracks in Kruševac on the occasion of the Atomic-Biological-Chemical Service Day, which is marked on September 28 in memory of the day when the first anti-chemical protection unit was formed in 1932.

Congratulations on the occasion of the holiday were read at the ceremony, the results of the 246th Battalion of Atomic-Biological-Chemical Defense (CBRN) and the CBRN Center in the previous period were summarized, and awards and commendations were presented to the most prominent individuals.

The celebration of the holiday was an opportunity to highlight the engagement of CBRN units of the Serbian Armed Forces in the implementation of a wide range of tasks to combat and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 infectious disease in the Republic of Serbia, as well as their engagement during supplying vulnerable municipalities with drinking water.

The military ceremony was held in compliance with all prescribed measures for the suppression and prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 infectious disease.

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