Execution of Civil-Military Cooperation Projects

Friday, 14.7.2023 | CIMIC
The Serbian Armed Forces Engineering Working Group of the 3rd Army Brigade started works on the arrangement of the Toplice riverbed in the municipality of Kuršumlija this week.

The works are carried out within the project of the Serbian Armed Forces civil-military cooperation, which is modeled in such a way that through the implementation of engineering training the permeability of the riverbed is increased and the protection of the river bank area Toplice from water spillage in case of flash floods is improved.

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces were engaged in the arrangement of the riverbed in the previous year, together with employees of the Public Utility Company "Toplica". They are now, using modern engineering machines, removing the overgrown vegetation, soil deposits and other deposited material from the riverbed.

In addition to preventive action on flood protection, the implementation of such projects improves the competence of the Serbian Armed Forces engineering units, which play a significant role in the realization of tasks from all three missions, in peace and wartime.

The Serbian Armed Forces have repeatedly engaged their forces and means for preventive action on mitigating the occurrence of flash floods, as well as on eliminating the consequences of floods in this part of the country. Serbian Armed Forces will continue providing assistance to local governments through the realization of engineering training in the future, all with the aim of strengthening mutual trust and improving living conditions for the citizens of Serbia.

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