Individual Training of Soldiers of “December 2021” Generation

Monday, 10.1.2022 | Training
The first phase of individual training of soldiers serving military service since December 2021 is nearing completion.

During 40 days of basic individual training, soldiers completed tactical training, fire and close order drills, learned to use personal arms and equipment, undertake protective measures, give first aid and perform other service duties.

Soldiers doing  military service have conducted field camping, where they practiced tactical and combat procedures and actions and completed scheduled infantry day and night time shooting .

During their stay on the training grounds, they had the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, from spatial orientation, masking and movement in the battlefield to the proper use of CBRN defence and engaging moving and stationary targets at different distances.

Soldiers are ready to take an individual training test, after which they will be sent to the specialist Serbian Armed Forces training centers, where they will be trained in various military specialties.

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