Visit from Director General of the NATO International Military Staff

Tuesday, 24.5.2022 | CHOD's Activities
Director General IMS NATO, Lieutenant General Hans-Werner Wiermann, is paying a three-day visit to the Republic of Serbia at the invitation of Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović.

General Wiermann has visited today the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff to discuss with General Mojsilović the current global and regional security situation, the cooperation so far and modalities of its enhancement.

Conclusions from the discussion which focused on cooperation with KFOR were that there was a quality and intense cooperation within the Partnership for Peace Program, with full respect for the policy of military neutrality pursued by the Republic of Serbia.   

During the talks, General Mojsilović underscored KFOR’s importance for preserving the peace and security in the Province, and for protection of our national, cultural, historical and religious heritage, having in mind that under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, KFOR is the only legitimate security factor in Kosovo and Metohija.     

While extending gratitude to General Mojsilović for his hospitality and for inviting him to visit the Republic of Serbia, General Wiermann has said that our country remains a highly esteemed and respected partner, and that NATO and Serbia have the highest-level political dialogue and strong and efficient highest-level military relations. He has highlighted NATO's full respect for the policy of military neutrality pursued by the Republic of Serbia, high appreciation of the Serbian Armed Forces, their service personnel and professionalism, and, in particular, a long-term cooperation between General Mojsilović and KFOR Commanders. 

On his visit to the Republic of Serbia, Lieutenant General Wiermann has met respectively with Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs State Secretary Nemanja Starović.

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